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The Daily News has reported about dams and their removal.

I see dams as the most efficient and cheapest form of green energy. In the Northwest, we have substantial ran and snow at higher elevations which we can store behind dams and release through generators to produce electricity.

At times when less electricity is needed, we can stop the release and store the water for periods of higher demand. This is not the case with solar or wind-generated power. At night, for instance, we get nothing from our solar investments. By storing water in the dams, we can create the equivalent of a 100 percent efficient battery for use when required.

If global warming is caused by man, dams and hydro power are the best green alternative to obtain our power. In the Northwest, our total available hydro power is 100 percent consumed, so when we add additional demand from electric cars or if we remove dams, we force our power providers to simply produce additional electricity from fossil fuels.

I believe the environmental benefits of dams far outweigh the environmental costs.

Bill Hallanger


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