Our electric bills keep rising, but relief is available. Cowlitz PUD and Lower Columbia Community Action Program have programs for cutting energy costs. Many are totally free. With income below a certain level you are probably eligible to have a ductless heat pump and insulation installed in your home for a small fraction of the actual cost. The annual household income limit for these benefits is $28,631 for one-person households, $37,441 for two-person households, $46,250 for three-person households, and so on up to $86,860 for eight-person households. If this were widely known, far more people would have energy efficient homes. This would benefit all of us from an environmental standpoint by eliminating wasted power.

The energy savings can be as much as 75 percent of your heating bill. Additionally a heat pump provides air conditioning. This is an impressive return on investment for a little time spent filling out forms.

These benefits are available to homeowners as well as renters, if the landlord agrees. A phone call to the PUD or CAP can start the process. Such a windfall for our community is too good to pass up. So let’s get the word out.

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Norm Dick


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