Letters: Critical thinking

Letters: Critical thinking


It doesn’t matter if you side with Dr. Anthony Fauci or Dr. Judy Mikovits.

The thing to realize is that holding a Ph.D. does not make you smart or infallible. Intelligence and knowledge are not the same. A college degree simply means you have been exposed to a lot of knowledge. Intelligence is the ability to mentally massage that data in order to come up with a solution to an existing problem.

The difficulty of arriving at a useful solution is increased if the knowledge is not broad enough or if it is skewed. Our own understanding is more difficult if the media or technical elites attempt to decide what information we are allowed to see. Distrust of government and the media has grown because of their attempts to restrict access to what they deem not in our best interest.

If a person never witnesses a scam or bogus theory, they are more likely to fall victim to one. Teaching critical thinking has been replaced with indoctrination in our schools and we are suffering the consequences.

Dan Myers


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