The craziness started about 40 years ago when someone saw carbon dioxide was rising along with temperature and the UN saw an opportunity to extract wealth from heavy users of fossil fuels. Fears of rising sea levels, ambient temperature, ocean changes, etc. are continuing to be used even though the temperature has risen very little the last 20 years.

Many scientists say we should be thankful for the increased CO2 and temperature that will be needed for food production as we drift into the coming cooling period.

Should we believe what the government tells us? Sixty years ago they told us that eating fat was bad for your heart and they ridiculed anyone that offered a different view. Nina Teicholz (YouTube, Aug 7, 2018) did the homework after her personal experience demonstrated that she lost weight eating fatty food. As people backed off fat, they added carbohydrates that covert to fat and blood sugar leading to insulin resistance. Robert Lustig, M.D. (YouTube, Aug 7, 2018) explains in great detail how the government-pushed diet is ruining the country.

So what is the point of this craziness? Let us hope that it is not another 20 years before the government comes to its senses on demonizing something that is needed for all life on earth.

Larry Wilhelmsen


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