"On March 14, 1968, Longview became a council-manager form of government. This form of government relies on the belief that policy-making and administrative functions should be kept separate. The council, which determines policy and is politically responsible for its actions, appoints a city manager as the chief administrator. The city manger is responsible for carrying out policies set by the council, including directing employees and managing city resources, to provide city services," according to the City of Longview website.

Chapter 35A .13 of the Revised Code of Washington outlines this form of government. 

"RCW 35A .13.080 City Manager — Powers and duties, states that the powers and duties of the city manager shall be: (1) To have general supervision over the administrative affairs of the code city."

The City of Longview website states: "Role of city council: Your city council is the official legislative body of the city of Longview adopting ordinances and resolutions, and approving contracts required by the city. As a policy-making body, the council assesses proposals to meet community needs, initiates actions for new programs and decides how the city will finance city services and operations ..."

I find it totally unethical and unprofessional for a member of the city council to discuss an employee's work performance in a newspaper. The city manager is reponsible for his/her staff, not the city council. Work performance is to be discussed behind closed doors, not in a newspaper. 

If a member of the city council, the city manager or a department head make false statements about any employee of the city, it opens the door for a lawsuit by that employee. 

It appears to me that member(s) of the city council are not aware of the duties of a council member in a council-manager form of government.

George Brajcich


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