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I find it disappointing that our state and local county are no longer mainly Democrats, unions are so important, most of us so liberal in our views, etc.

The folks that call themselves "Independents" are usually actually Republicans or have Republican leanings. In other words they want to be "everybody's puppy," so to speak.

I would guess if you make under $200,000 a year, you will never be helped in any way by a conservative.

The folks who vote GOP for religious reasons, abortion laws and gay rights, are shooting themselves in the foot.

Do you know that corporate welfare, however, costs the average American family a staggering $6,000 a year in subsidies to Republican-friendly big business? The bottom line is that American families are paying $6,000 or more per year to subsidize giant transnational corporations that are already making billions in profit while the average taxpayer pays out only about $44 a year for people on welfare. How's that for you hard-earned tax dollars at work?!

Jean Branson


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