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Letters to the Editor

Congressional oversight

It is apparent that President Trump is not going to attempt to fire Robert Mueller — at least for now. Rep. Devin Nunes has been running a secret committee to discredit the FBI and the CIA. It is the hope of Trump that the House and the Senate will cause such distrust in the two agencies that Mueller’s investigation will be halted. If this happens, this could be the downfall of our democracy and the premise that the president is above the law. I believe Rep. Nunes should consult a good criminal/constitutional lawyer and look under ‘obstruction of justice’ and few other laws that include tampering with evidence, possible violation of creating a shadow government committee and handling classified evidence without Congressional oversight.

Jerry Elliott

Castle Rock

Pedestrian proposal

From a driver's perspective, I have a few requests which may serve to both enhance regard and, thereby, increase survivability for the endangered pedestrian.

When I stop for you at a crosswalk, don't wave me onward; I'm doing what the law requires. Please, reward and reinforce my awareness and compliance by crossing instead of planting a seed of irritation which will grow with each similar occurrence.`

Radiate a sense of purpose as you approach the crossing; it helps make me more aware of your presence and intention to cross; please, continue that purposefulness as you actually cross.

If your intention is not to cross, please, avoid loitering at the crossing and rewarding my conscientious, courteous, and, most importantly, law-abiding act with unnecessarily stopping for you.

Feel free, as many have, to wave or smile in acknowledgement of my, albeit legally obligated, action; your simple act could be a small, but bright point in an until then not-so-great day.

Please, avoid wearing unrelieved black, especially this time of year, in poorly lit residential areas, in or out of crosswalks; the fact you were jaywalking in your may-be-cool-looking-but-unseeable outfit will be of little solace to me or your loved ones if I hit you.

Richard McCaine


Bullied bill

Few realize how the tax bill will impact them. I used a CNN calculator for annual income of $20,000 to $40,000 (filing jointly with no kids and itemizing) and then ran the numbers for income of $40,000 to $75,000. Here's what the politicians don't tell you. If you're in the first bracket, your taxes aren't going down! Uh, somebody forgot to tell us that! If you're in the higher bracket, you'll see a little over 6 percent tax break. But the tax break goes down each year for seven years and then taxes start going up. Mind you, corporations and the wealthy get huge tax breaks that stay forever, while you get crumbs that shrivel up in no time. The debt skyrockets. CEOs are saying this isn't going to cause them to hire more employees. And this was all conjured up in a rush behind closed doors with no public hearings. Our congresswoman jumped on this bandwagon for the rich and deserves outraged emails and phone calls. We're being bullied.

Elden Roskelley


Social Security raise?

After three years of no Social Security raises, I'm happy to know I'll be getting a 2 percent raise in 2018. After the increased insurance premium deductions for Medicare and prescription drug coverages, I will see a whopping $2.20 monthly increase on my Social Security check. Being the generous person that I am, I've decided to share the wealth with four of my favorite charities by adding 44 cents to my yearly donation to each. Happy New Year!

Virginia Crouse