Letters: Confess the cause

Letters: Confess the cause


After reading today's (March 12) Daily News article "Counselors face heavy load" focusing on the challenges of our emotional support professionals in local schools, demanded me to ask the hard question, "How did we get here?"

I suppose I've got nobody to blame but myself. You see in small part I'm the "baby-boomer," the Vietnam-era generation of protester, free thinker, LSD space flyer, "tune in, drop out-er," flag burner, draft card burner or authority disrespecting generation.

And now here we are, just a few generations away. Can we ask, besides students bullying and out bursting one another, are the trained interveners/counselors being bullied, assaulted and asking for more help from being case loaded? Is this only going to get worse? No amount of taxpayer dollars that Olympia throws at school headcounts will fix the core cause. Are we in damage control by addressing the effect, or will there come a time when we publicly confess the cause?

The day is coming when our nation, with this national problem, will either fall on its knees and apologize for what it's doing to its children and if we don't, live with the pending consequences. A beginning of national healing can start with a time of unity and revival.

It is time now for the faithful to pray for our schools, children, counselors, teachers, principals, superintendents and board members.

Monty Gorley

Castle Rock

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