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The Daily News published a concerning article on Saturday Nov. 3, about the Patriot Prayer gathering at Lower Columbia Community College, that neglected to provide the hate-filled history of Joey Gibson and his associates.

Instead, Patriot Praryer was portrayed as a moderate organization that is simply opposing gun safety laws.

This uncritical reporting sanitizes how this group operates; a track record of hate, threats, and rallies that attract white supremacists and the use of phrases like "Pinochet Did Nothing Wrong" and "Right Wing Death Squad."

How can we grant platforms to people who are being investigated for online threats to burn down CAIR, a Muslim advocacy group? Why do we give community space to people listed under the Southern Poverty Law Center Hate Watch?

We must ask ourselves what we stand for. Do we sit idly by while radical and organized bigotry becomes common place? What will you do to denounce fear mongering and political violence? How will you organize for a more compassionate community?

Bill Davenport


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