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"Diesel traffic" is really about clean breathable air. Promoting Initiative 901 for no smoking (in 2005), I had Mike Gregoire (the then-governor's husband), most of the local Democrats like Dean Takko (and wife) sign. But Brian Blake refused saying, "Being a Libertarian, people have a right to smoke." He thought nothing of the right to breath clean air. Should we have thoughtless people running our state?

We should also follow California on their research of clean air when possible. Let California spend the dollars and we can reap the benefits. How many people are aware that many of the ships running the Columbia River, are not allowed in California waters? A few years ago the Lady Washington was not allowed in California waters because it could not pass an emissions test. We have to breath the dirty air Californians refuse.

I do not want coal. I want politicians that will listen to reason on clean air.

Dave Westerlund


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