I was disappointed in your Oct. 23 editorial and your failure to endorse John Melink for Longview City Council position 1. I agreed with virtually all your statements evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the two candidates and your stressing the differences between their respective leadership styles. Having criticized the style of incumbent Mike Wallin, how do you then fail to endorse John Melink, whose intelligence and involvement in community affairs you applaud? Contrary to much that is displayed on various levels of government today, civility really does matter.

In addition to his reasoned, even and respectful approach to problem solving, John will bring a fresh perspective to the council. His service will also encourage more original independent thinking on the part of other council members and less hostility to other viewpoints that should be considered. The Longview City Council will lose nothing in energy and intelligence by the election of John Melink. On the contrary, it will gain a lot.

Steven H. Pond


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