In a recent letter to The Daily News, Dominic Ciancibelli asked "what have the local mainstream churches done to support the homeless and disadvantaged?"

I share his concern for the tragic problem of homelessness, and agree that the faith community should be responding to it.

To answer his question, I offer the following: Ten churches have opened their hearts, wallets and buildings to shelter the homeless. Others host addiction recovery programs or offer free clothing.

St. Vincent de Paul (a Catholic affiliate) and The Salvation Army (as mainstream as it gets) provide free food and other needs.

FISH of Cowlitz County works through 18 local Christian churches, providing free emergency food, dental care, prescriptions, propane, work clothing and help with utility bills.

More than 1,000 homeless people received food from FISH in 2019. Three hundred plus volunteers and generous financial supporters make it happen. Many other examples could be listed (shout out to the 13 churches of Family Promise).

Political opinions never enter into our efforts.

Bob Theriault

Volunteer and board president, FISH of Cowlitz County

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