I own a business in Longview and a home.

What happens at city council meetings impacts my ability to conduct business and the quality of my family's life.

I am voting for Christine Schott. She is a person who has lived in this community, worked in this community and has been held accountable for the well-being of other people. These are things that come with experience and living.

In my opinion, before people move to make decisions about our water, they should have had to pay a water bill or two. To make decisions about our property taxes, rent control, housing/building code enforcement, law enforcement, or many other local concerns, they should have been responsible to pay a landlord, a mortgage, electric bill, property taxes, or supervise a child's education, balance a job, family, and life.

I like Christine because she is a centrist reasonable thinker and has life experience that has formed her way of thinking. I am voting for Christine because she is qualified and has earned a chance to lead.

Randy Teig


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