America's forefathers secured this nation's freedom through God's unchanging morality. After passing a nation's average life span, we appear to be at an end. Tyranny has raised its evil head in the form of socialism. Like a cancer, it has infected the naive. Our young chase after it like it's the coolest thing and social media hypnotizes many into its self-worship. Public schools no longer teach socialism's evil or how it destroys every nation it touches. Democrats tossed God out of schools in the '60s, and all government since. They have allowed radical leftists to rule their party and, now, must have America. Without leaders who believe in God, we have immorality ruling us. It even appears some think of themselves as gods. Liberal politicians are quickly becoming what socialist Germany was in the 1940s. They haven't a clue what love is as she stares up at them from newborn eyes. America needs leaders, not rulers.

Roy Schimelpfenig


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