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Letters to the Editor

By the numbers

The Feb. 2 article about candidates for the 3rd Congressional District was misleading. Carolyn Long has raised more money per month than any other candidate, including Jaime Herrera Beutler.

Long raised $34,600 from individual donors in 31 days (Nov. 30-Dec. 31), while the incumbent, Jaime Herrera-Beutler raised only $52,000 from individual donors in 90 days, and David McDevitt raised only $4,495.00.

Do the math. The fundraising trendline is not promising for Herrera Beutler, and clearly demonstrates the enthusiasm for Long in our district.

And loaning yourself $300,000, as McDevitt did, is not “fundraising.”

Long is a far better choice than the incumbent. She supports working families, not rich Republican donors and oligarchs. She is a bridge builder, not a party apparatchik. She will bring positive change – and town halls – to her constituents, not empty promises, and telephonic avoidance techniques. It’s time for a Congressional representative who represents us, instead of hiding from us.

We look forward to reclaiming a district that has been solidly Democratic for 46 of the last 58 years.

Patrick Kubin


Insulted driver

I live in Longview. I am an 81-year-old disabled veteran and travel to Vancouver to the Veterans Administration using Interstate 5, an interstate highway. The speed limit for cars is 70 miles per hour and the speed limit for tractor trailers is 60 mph.

Tractor trailer drivers travel in the center lane at 70 to 75 mph. They tailgate cars and really present a problem running side by side with trucks in the right lane.

I called the state patrol and asked why they were on overpasses with radar guns ticketing auto drivers for speeding and not ticketing trucks?

They said the trucks can use the center lane. If they don’t want to enforce the truck speed, take the speed signs down. It is an insult to car drivers getting tickets.

M.L. Colburn Sr.


Free speech?

At the last Kalama Council meeting, new Mayor Mike Reuter chose to block the First Amendment rights by the audience there to support the Kalama Library, which has been needlessly under fire by the Kalama city manager, city clerk and the City Council.

Even though during the last three meetings in 2017 the staff and council has heard nothing but praise and support from the patrons and the citizenry in general, the city chose to neglect those pleas and continued its malicious attack against the library staff in an attempt to document malfeasance and carry out a “restructuring” by firing the entire library staff as previously promised by former mayor Pete Poulsen.

The new mayor’s hands are tied by a golden umbrella contract gifted to the city staff before leaving office. This latest step of censorship only goes to show the frustrations facing the new mayor given the staff’s new contract.

Dominic Ciancibelli



Watching Donald Trump with his facial expressions and the way he holds his head with his nose in the air reminds me of Benito Mussolini, the dictator of Italy, during World War II.

You can draw your own conclusion on that, but it scares me as to where he is leading us – constant turmoil with everyone.

R.D. James


Time is short

How many times in our lives have we walked on the edge of the valley of death not always knowing it?

How many times have we turned our backs on the soft voice of the only one who can redeem us?

How many times do we make excuses for things we know we should be doing?

How man times do we put our faith in things created by man, but not in the Creator of man himself?

How many times will we keep believing there is no God and Jesus Christ is nothing more than a cuss word?

Time is running out for all, so we better start thinking where we will be spending eternity.

Norm Burns