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Letters to the Editor

Both sides

Recently it seems that the letters to the editor and guest editorials are becoming more like personal attacks that contain false statements impugning groups and individuals. Some of the statements border on slander and may end up in court under a suit. Some of the published letters accuse people and groups of illegal activities and actions. I also noticed that the accused are not given side by side responses. Some of the guest editorials and comments by the TDN staff read like gossip tabloid that is full of out and out lies that the publishers failed to investigate for truthfulness and accuracy.

I totally support the First Amendment. Along with the First Amendment comes the responsibility for the consequences that are the result of what is communicated through public media. A person has the First Amendment right to yell fire, when there isn’t one, in a crowded building but that person will be held responsible for any injuries and deaths that it causes. Free speech can be a powerful tool or weapon should one choose to use it for either one.

My opinion of TDN has diminished due to the aforementioned turn towards a tabloid type publication in selected segments with unfounded and unsubstantiated statements. TDN is our only source for local news and information and has provided a necessary service to our community. I would not want it to go by the wayside as a gossip tabloid that publishes anything anyone sends in without doing due diligence and verifying the truthfulness of the information, nor providing both sides of the issue.

J. Dennis Langham


Name calling

Michael Wolff, the author of the book, “Fire & Fury,” sure hit the nail on the head, saying Donald Trump acts childish. I call Trump “The adjective man.” He uses many adjectives to describe what he says or does, to make himself look big and smart.

I think, people who work under Trump, won’t say anything because they will get fired.

I hope they get rid of him before he destroys us. His name calling of North Korea’s leader is dangerous.

Trump is one sick dude.

R.D. James


Restore service

Excepting that he was a belly gunner on a B-17 during the war, Hollis Beasley taught history at R.A. Long from 1939 to 1971. On Dec. 7, 1941, he was sitting around a table in a Portland restaurant with three friends. A waiter told them that Pearl Harbor had been attacked. Hollis arrived at the Longview bus depot after dark. There was a blackout which was to last two years. Boy Scout volunteers with flashlights led arriving passengers to their homes.

Recently, the father of a Cowlitz County woman died in another state. Not rich, the woman went to the depot to board a bus to her hometown. She was told that, because she had not previously purchased a ticket, she could not board the bus, even though she had enough money to pay for it.

Somebody in Longview should talk to the right person. Restore Longview bus service to the efficiency it had during the nation’s first day of World War II.

L.S. Wagle



The decision to stop the return of the August salmon run at the new fish trap on Modrow is a sham to the Washington state Department of Fish and Wildlife! The only people removing fish from the river shall be sports fishermen. How can we have the feast of the salmon? We cannot. Hire some more wardens, fine the man with a barbed hook.

It will soon be four years; the trap is taking all the fish with the adipose fins. Larry Brown left town, as we don’t need a bait shop now. The silver run has declined, looking at an estimated return of 12,000 spring salmon for the Kalama is pitiful. Go on fish and game, fine us all for using a barbed hook in a sterile river.

Rocky Davis