Letters: Best location

Letters: Best location


The best homeless camp location is the field next to the juvenile detention center. Homeless women would feel safer because police officers are on duty at the jails and the Hall of Justice.

As a citizen of Longview, I approve for the same reason – it's close to the police and their ability to be there quickly if there is a problem.

The gravel lot at Ocean Beach Highway and Willow Grove Road used to be a landfill. It should have been sealed to prevent methane gases from escaping to the surface, but it wasn't.

If the homeless start a fire to cook or keep warm, they could inadvertently start an underground fire that would be difficult to put out.

Yes, there is a bus stop about a quarter of a mile away, but they would have to walk along a highway (speed limit 50 mph) with their backs to traffic, and the bus quits running after 6 p.m. With no lights, sidewalks, grocery stores, medical facilities, police protection or warming rooms nearby, this is an inhumane site. We treat stray dogs better.

Candice Scott


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