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Best president ever? He is the best thing to happen to Putin in decades. He disses our foreign allies, and he has lied so many times that the fact finders can't keep up. Victims of Trump's fraudulent university finally received the relief they deserved when a judge approved a $25 million settlement. The U.S. Treasury says our national debt has increased by $2 trillion since 45 took office. Five million hungry Americans cut off food stamps. Remember when 45 claimed the middle class would get a big tax break? HA! Early filers are on social media showing their anger at the fraction they are getting of what they used to get; or worse — they owe the IRS for the first time. All to pay for the rich to get richer. Look at all the company layoffs after they got millions in tax cuts. They are not job creators. They are greedy profiteers. VoteVets filed a lawsuit to shoot down 45's council of golf buddies he put in charge of making decisions within the Department of Veterans Affairs. Their choices are hurting our veterans. Mr. Bone Spurs couldn't care less. I miss President Obama.

Larry J. Davis


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