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Letters to the Editor

Banning weapons

I was a high school student in Los Angeles in the late 1940s when there was an article in the L.A. Herald describing a downtown bar incident wherein a boisterous / obnoxious patron was thrown out due to his inebriated condition.

An hour later, the drunken patron returned with a bucket of gasoline. He proceeded to throw the gasoline on the patrons followed by a match. Five people died and many were injured. The bar was demolished.

Should gasoline be outlawed? Should bucket capacity be limited to 16 ounces? Should match owners be registered ?

Dick Miller

Castle Rock


Marc Thiessen uses the “good guy with a gun” in the Sutherland Springs, Texas, shooting (“Attacking the NRA”, March 1, 2018) to defend AR-15 ownership by law-abiding NRA members. He neglected to mention that Parkland was only the latest in an epidemic of massacres involving the AR-15 in Las Vegas, Orlando, San Bernardino, Newtown and Aurora, places where “good guys” did not intervene. He also omitted the fact that Sutherland shooter Devin Kelley had a known history of domestic violence that should have disqualified him from possessing a firearm. For Thiessen to suggest that limiting the sale of assault weapons, strengthening background checks and raising the legal age to purchase a gun demonizes the NRA is disingenuous at best. They may see any suggestion of regulation as an attack on their 5 million members, but the right to bear arms is not unlimited and the other 320 million Americans have the right to say so.

James MacLeod


Thanks for support

The Citizens for Kelso Schools Committee have many people to thank for the very successful 2018 bond and levy campaigns. Our thanks begin with the Kelso School District’s facility committee. They spent a full year studying the district’s needs, then deciding what projects needed to be done — always keeping in mind what the Kelso community felt were the biggest concerns.

Secondly, we are especially grateful to those businesses that helped finance our campaign.

We also would like to thank the businesses that have allowed us to have our pin boxes at their stores. Our Scotty Dog and other designs have provided us with a small but steady income for not just this campaign but several other past campaigns.

Thirdly, there are all the people who organized and worked to make the campaigns successful. We are so appreciative that there are people in our community who are willing to give their time and effort to help make the Kelso School District as ready as possible for future challenges.

Last of all, we thank all of the Kelso School District residents who voted yes for the 2018 levy and the 2018 bond. We are extremely proud to be a part of a community that so highly values the education of their children. You are very special.

Mike Haas, Don Sharer, Dot Joslin, Marilyn Perry, and Kim Miller

Citizens For Kelso Schools

Major failure

It’s so tragic that many young people in Florida have lost their lives and had to experience the horror tied to poor education standards. If this mentally challenged, (probably medicated) expelled student could have only read the signs posted around the school that, “No weapons allowed” and this is a “Weapon free area,” Maybe, just maybe, this sad situation could have been prevented. Reading skills and signs are so useful in preventing tragedies like this.

Stephen Waitkus



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