The recent Oregon Public Broadcasting article regarding Northwest Innovation Works proposed fracked gas to methanol refinery in Kalama clearly indicates the company is trying to pull a bait-and-switch deception on the public and state regulators. NWIW has been claiming in public for years that the methanol shipped to China will be used in the manufacture of plastics. Documents recently received by OPB tell an entirely different story. PowerPoint presentations NWIW presented to potential investors indicate the use of this methanol is as a transportation and industrial fuel which would significantly change the life cycle greenhouse gas emissions. NWIW even denied the provenance of these documents before admitting they were in fact from NWIW.

This new information regarding the deception perpetrated by NWIW should bring the entire project into question. The withholding of information and the lack of honesty with the public is what got NWIW drummed out of Tacoma.

It is quite ironic that the acronym for the Chinese Academy of Sciences Holdings, the parent company of NWIW is CASH.

John Flynn


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