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Letters to the Editor

Bad idea

After reading the article concerning the opening of the dike path between 38th and 42nd I have the following impression of our mayor.

Apparently it's okay if someone gets injured by being hit by a golf ball. Because the city has no liability and the diking district can't be sued.

This is a bad idea.

Jack Hagen


Volunteer advice

I have been happy to have had the opportunity to serve on the Housing Opportunities of SW Washington as a resident commissioner. I feel that I have made the right decisions representing residents who go through HOSWWA. I have enjoyed working alongside my board and staff who are committed to provide stable, affordable housing.

I was disappointed to find out through the city council agenda that my position would be filled by someone else. Out of respect for my service and being appointed by the city, it would have been nice to have been informed before others were. I was contacted by the city in September wanting to know if I wanted to be reappointed, and I said yes. I would ask that the mayor consider in the future contacting those who have served, thanking them for their service. Without volunteers there are things that wouldn't happen or get done in the community.

I hope that the new resident commissioner represents those who go thru HOSWWA to the best of this ability, as I did.

Linda Brigham


Actions, not words

Our local politicians frequently say how much they love and care for Cowlitz County, Longview and all its citizens. I’ve also heard it said that to truly know and understand someone, “Watch what they do and not what they say."

With these two thoughts in mind I personally find it upsetting and perplexing how and why these same politicians continue to support and encourage the Longview Millennium Coal Export project considering the nine unremittable issues highlighted by the Environmental Impact Review (principally increased respiratory and cancer risk).

Why would anyone, in good conscience, even consider exposing and burdening the place and persons they allegedly love and care for so much with these nine unremittable issues? One has to question where their personal moral and ethical standards are?

Thankfully we have permit decision makers demonstrating a genuine concern for the well being and life quality of Longview and its citizens by denying the use permits requested by Millennium. It’s painfully apparent where our local politician’s true allegiance and concern lay by their actions or lack

Art Birkmeyer


Down the river

I just want to add to Elden Roskelley's letter of Dec. 23; just wanted to name "our" Congresswoman who sold us out on the tax bill: Jaime Herrerra Buetler. She has been in six years and until she worried about being voted out was pretty quiet and nonproductive. Now her office is providing colored flyers to every mailbox trumpeting all of her "accomplishments" and sending press releases to the newspapers like crazy. All of a sudden there are telephone town halls with her. She has sold us down the river for years on this tax bill, and I urge you to look for another option when it is time to vote!

Marion Oman

Long Beach

Consider this

Your recent editorials on the subject of train safety issues, positive train control, etc., in this country were interesting and informative. I also appreciated your summary earlier this week about the recent history of railroad crashes and derailments; this helps to put things in perspective. I have an idea that Amtrak might consider in the furtherance of railroad safety, one that doesn't seem to have been mentioned thus far: How about employing conductors who are capable of reading, understanding and abiding by those speed limit signs adjacent to the railroad tracks?

Greg Donges