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Letters to the Editor

Bad boating

Read with interest Thursday’s article about a possible riverfront park in Cathlamet. We recently spent two nights in a yurt at Cathlamet Marina. The accommodations were nice but we were disappointed in the rest of our stay. We had planned on exploring the local waterways in our kayaks for the two days we were there. Imagine my dismay when I learned that we would be charged $5 each for our kayaks to launch at the marina, once in and once out. We were told they were trying to recoup costs to repair the launch. Launching the kayaks has no impact on the boat launch, at all. We actually carry our boats to the water’s edge. We might have backed our vehicle down the ramp to get closer to the water but that is not necessary. Since there is no other option for launching we chose not to spend $20 just to look around. We checked out possible other options along the river nearby and found there were none. A nominal fee of maybe $3 each for the day might have been acceptable or it could have been included in the price of our yurt or a camping spot. We will not be back. There are too many other interesting places to take our kayaks in this area.

Linda Standal


Court times

A recent editorial in The Daily News about Longview sports facilities reminded me of some fun times.

Forty or 50 years ago, Longview had an active tennis club with summer tournaments, trophies and a ladder, and clinics for kids. The games were centered at Vandercook Park (20th and Larch streets) and sometimes spilled over into John Null Park.

A member had a large squeegie for mopping puddles after a rain. The whole business was volunteered by local avid and fun-loving tennis players. They usually played on weekends and Wednesdays after work.

They had a notice in TDN announcing a mixed-doubles tournament with a phone number to call for anyone interested in playing who needed a partner.

It could happen again!

Joan Lavier


Lunch tab

I have a friend who just celebrated her 89th birthday, so I took her to Izzy’s on Aug. 17 for lunch. We had a lovely lunch. When I went to pay the bill, the man at the cash register told us that our bill had been paid. We would like to say thank you to the nice person who paid for our lunch. Bless you and thanks for putting a smile on our faces with your nice gesture.

Conni Dunivan


Can’t be ignored

As Sheriff Nelson stated, we have many problems here, much of which is drug related. Heroin addiction is expensive! It can cost at least $50 a day for maintenance ... not to have withdrawal agony. Where are they going to get that much money each month? One can see the need for a methadone clinic in Longview which, by the way, is not free. It costs approximately $400 a month. A lot cheaper than buying heroin on the streets. This would aid in diminishing the purchasing of illegal drugs and would aid in eliminating some crime. Our problem is that no one wants a clinic in their neighborhood, just like they don’t want homeless shelters. But to ignore these problems will only make it worse.

Joan Geisinger

Castle Rock

Grate news

Don’t buy shredded cheese. “Make America grate again.”

Burt Harwood