Last year, The Daily News endorsed Richard DeBolt and Jamie Herrera Beutler. Both endorsements said their opponents were well qualified but each endorsement contained a major caveat: these career politicians were not transparent with their constituents. DeBolt had supported a bill to exempt lawmakers from the public Records Act and Herrera Beutler did not hold town hall meetings.

Now The Daily News has endorsed Incumbent Mike Wallin over John Melink.

Again, TDN has stated that both candidates are well qualified. And again, the endorsement comes with a major caveat: “…his hard-charging style can offend and belittle people, and he should not criticize city employees in public, as he has done.”

The endorsement goes on to muse “… are these cause enough to remove him from office?” Removal from office is impeachment. This is an election where every candidate should be evaluated on their ability to perform the duties of the office in a transparent, honest, respectful manner.

No wonder we complain about the lack of civility and transparency in our political system. These endorsements reward bad behavior.

Laurel Murphy


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