In the Dec. 24 issue of The Daily News, there was a story about the homeless reporting a vigilante attack against campers outside of Longview City Hall.

Hollie Hillman, who volunteers at the First Christian Church shelter, went to City Hall after receiving a call from another volunteer at the shelter, to try to break up an argument taking place there, according to the TDN article.

“People drive by every day and harass campers by honking, yelling at them and even throwing bottles and other items at them.” Holliman is quoted in the story. “It’s scary. People are scared. They feel worthless. That they’re not even worth the cops taking time to find out what happened and take the appropriate action.”

On the same page of The Daily News is the headline “Evangelicals Stand by (the anti-Christ) Trump.”

Has the bad behavior we have seen in recent years the product of Trump’s empowering the radicals?

I was raised Catholic and taught that “those that are quiet or nullified will one day inherit the world.” Mathew: 5:5

So I ask: What have the Evangelicals done to help support our brothers and sisters on the fringe? What have our mainstream churches in our community done to support the homeless and mentally disadvantaged?

The overwhelming Christians announce “Give them a place to live, but not near me.”

I thank the City of Longview for addressing the situation of the homeless in our community.

Dominic Ciancibelli


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