A recent letter writer claimed the United States hasn't had a good attorney general since before the first Bush, George H.W. Bush.

The writer thinks Bill Barr is a great attorney general. Ironically, Barr was attorney general under G.H.W. Bush and Barr had G.H.W. Bush pardon everyone involved in illegally selling firearms to Iran.

Barr wrote a letter before Trump picked him for attorney general which stated Barr wouldn't indict Trump for his involvement with Russia.

There isn't a reason for Congress to see all of Robert Mueller's unredacted report. Congress has the same clearance as Barr.

When Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton were investigated, Congress was given the full unredacted report about those presidents.

Mueller was hired by Republicans. Mueller is a Republican and half of Mueller's investigators were Republicans.

Trump claims Mueller's Report clears him. But, no one has seen the whole 400-page report except Barr, who is trying to keep it that way by redacting most of it.

Mueller's team gave Barr a summary of the report for the public, yet Barr won't release it.

What is Barr hiding?

K.D. Slade


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