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Say what you will, Trump detractors, you gotta admit “The Donald” is an amazing man!

Without any scientific education (rumor is he got a deferment from high school physics class because of brain spurs), he knows more than all the climate scientists and environmentalists of the world.

Without a lick of military education or experience, he knows more than all the generals and admirals.

With no national security experience, he knows more than the CIA, FBI, NSA and all other such agencies combined.

With no legal education, he knows more about law than all the judges, lawyers, and professors.

With no monetary education (other than Bankruptcy 101 and Grift 101, 102), he knows more than all the financial experts.

With no diplomatic experience, he nonetheless has a great gift for getting along with other world leaders.

Without ever having to sit through a “sensitivity training” class, he knows better than anyone how to relate to women and minorities.

The list goes on. Perhaps equally astounding is that there are numerous others around us with these same unbelievable instant learning skills. I know some of them personally. And several of them are frequent contributors to this column.

Jim Byrd


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