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I am told that my grandfather, Lorenz Svarre Vadla I, born in 1837, owned about four sailing ships in Norway. My father, Lorenz Svarre Vadla II, was born in 1895, but his father died in 1897. His mother didn't know beans about the shipping business and soon lost everything. Flat broke, she married a common sailor on a windjammer, Halvor Halvorsen, who already had 10 kids.

Desperate, a Norwegian man and his wife, with a total of 11 kids, sailed for America aboard the steamship Philadelphia in 1905. In New York Harbor, for 13 people down in the dumps, the Statue of Liberty was a very inspirational sight.

I, Lawrence S. Wagle III, but speaking a different language, was born in Seattle in 1935. Now, Trump wants to build a wall. Should America build such a wall? Would honesty require us to blow up the Statue of Liberty?

L.S. Wagle


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