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Letters: Alternative facts

Letters: Alternative facts


John Peters' Feb 16 letter to the editor in The Daily News, as a response to Art Birkmeyer's letter of Feb. 11, is an example of alternate facts.

The thug followers of mafia boss-like former President Trump have been pervertedly labeled "patriots", by right wing propaganda news. The people who stormed and attacked the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 are criminals. Five policemen defending the Capitol died. Trump directly ordered his cult followers to fight whoever got in their way to take back "a stolen election."

The "Big Lie" used by Nazi Chief propagandist Joseph Goeballs has risen from the ashes and is alive and well in the United States of America right now

Peters, is seemingly a consumer of the "Big Lie," and perpetuates this myth in his letter. Peters falsely compares the murders of Jan. 6 to the overall peaceful demonstrations of last summer's Black Lives Matters movement. Those BLM demonstrations helped many to become aware of our nation's white supremacy history and how very little has changed since 1619. John Peters' myopic vision personifies what's dangerous about expounding alternative facts.

Joe Hobson


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