After reading TDN's article regarding Mike Wallin’s trials with the staff of Longview, I totally agree with Wallin’s assessment of the city. I speak from personal knowledge of having managed a company in Longview for three decades. We dominated Cowlitz, Lewis, and Columbia counties for years supplying all sorts of pipe, valves and fittings with quality and prices unmatched in the area. For years, my sales staff and I tried to do business with the City of Longview, since we carried products they used every day. We also attempted to have them allow my company to bid against the vendors they did business with. Not once in three decades would they consider purchasing local. They always bought from the Portland or Seattle markets. This attitude has gone on for years and I can only attribute it to laziness or cronyism. Too many paid lunches or golf games were supplied by the “old boy” supplier systems. Mr. Wallin was not elected to his position to just rubber stamp issues, as has been done in the past. In my opinion, Mr. Wallin is looking out for the hard earned tax dollars provided by its citizens.

Mike Long


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