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Letters to the Editor

Thumbs down

In a recent Saturday Thumbs, the Daily News rails against “abusive government power” and “politics over policy” in Washington. This publication could not be more ludicrously wrong.

The “thumbs down” should have gone to Judge Warning’s bizarre and suspect ruling in the case of the aquatic lands sublease denial. DNR’s decision was well-reasoned and clearly not arbitrary. It was an appropriate use of discretion, and was in accordance with the law.

If you want an example of a truly arbitrary and capricious decision, look no farther than the county’s fatally flawed and biased testimony in support of the coal terminal.

During a break in the serious proceedings at the hearing, I noticed county officials talking and joking with Millennium supporters, while ignoring the majority of the audience who were in opposition to the project. One has to wonder, how much money has traveled from Millennium’s coffers to the pocket books of county officials.

The “thumbs down” belong to the people willing to throw Cowlitz County under a bus for a quick buck.

Andy Zahn


A smelly problem

I found the editorial “It’s a Wonderful Life” appropriate this Thanksgiving season.

I have lived here many years, and at the top of my list would be my wonderful family, neighbors, friends, and the people here. I love the lake, this beautiful fall, area churches, and so many things.

But it has been very hard this year for area people to enjoy items the editor mentioned. Others and myself do not live close to the mills, but we endure terrible mill odors inside and outside of our homes that make us sick. Nearly daily this last month, for hours straight, we get either the mill sewer wastewater stench or a pungent stench. My house often stinks like a sewer. I hear mill odors get very bad inside the hospital. At times, people wake to this and also the loud noise. I know people missing work ill from this.

It has been a horrible month and a very stinky spring and summer.

Please care about local health and report odors to Ecology at 1-360-407-6355. Leave a message during off-hours.

Donna Dishman


Principles matter

In a recent letter to the editor, we saw what has become typical of politics, a personal attack to the exclusion of substance. The letter was presumptive, imputing motivations (pejorative, of course) that the writer could not possibly know, especially considering that he has never talked to me.

The claim that I am furthering my own agenda by endorsing Tom Merz, gives pause to question the writer what my agenda might be. All we are told is that it is to satisfy my own needs; what are they? We are left to imagine.

The writer also claims that I have not visited Kalama since my election to commissioner: false, I live in the city of Kalama; I walk to the post office, to the police station; I gave a talk at the Kalama Chamber of Commerce, held at the port offices; I even attended a Kalama city council meeting, this last being disappointing. But, I remind everyone that I work for the people of the county, not just for any one group, even my home city. Principles matter.

“We can do better,” than this, councilman Ciancibelli.

Arne Mortensen


Tale of two Harveys

Are Harvey Weinstein and Harvey Wallbanger related?

Don Fuesler