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Letters to the Editor

A quality of place

I was pleasantly surprised to read Councilman Ken Botero's editorial showing his support for quality of place for Longview through economic development that can enhance a healthy environment. Mr. Botero is the first city councilman to publicly promote these ideas, and I thank him for opening up the discussion. We all will be anxious to hear plans that the City's Economic Director, Joe Phillips, has been working on with regard to creating economic growth in this area that addresses the councilman's goals.

Sandra Davis



Gov. Inslee is an environmental champion with two blind spots. He needs to recognize that natural gas is as bad as bunker fuel in terms of global warming, and that global warming is an emergency. The recent rain in Texas set a U.S. continental record, and California’s wildfires are insane. We’ve run out of time for halfway measures and excuses.

It makes no sense to force existing businesses to reduce their emissions with a carbon tax and then turn around and permit new natural gas infrastructure in schools, housing developments, pipelines, and methanol plants.

I urge the cities and school districts in Cowlitz County, and Gov. Inslee to stop enabling more pollution by the natural gas industry.

According to a study published on the EPA website, 2300 Giga grams of methane escape from the natural gas production system each year in the United States; that is 2,300,000 metric tons, and methane has 86 times the global warming affect of CO2 for the first 20 years.

Both Multnomah County and the City of Portland have policies to phase out natural gas by 2050. I encourage all planning departments to adopt similar goals.

Don Steinke


Many thanks

Every Christmas, I pause to think of all those who make our lives more enjoyable. I start by thanking our military, police, fire and other emergency personnel. Thanks to the Lions Club and to our city employees, especially our Parks and Recreation staff for the beautiful Christmas lights. Special thanks to the Salvation Army, St. Vincent de Paul, churches and clubs who help with our poor and homeless. I appreciate the staff at our schools, libraries and medical facilities. I also appreciate the staff who welcome us at local stores and businesses and all those who keep the mills running.

Cheers to Kurt Sacha, City of Longview CFO, for receiving the state award for keeping Longview financially afloat. Cheers also to Craig Dieffenbach and his team who are renovating our historic Monticello Hotel. Kudos to the ports of Longview, Kalama and Woodland for their economic development, and never forget Castle Rock's national recognition for their beautiful flowers.

Many thanks to our local news sources. Where would we be without The Daily News staff, and all those who deliver the newspaper early in the morning? Thanks to the Valley Bugler and a special thanks to Sue, Ned, and Perry Piper for the wonderfully entertaining and informative Columbia River Reader.

Thanks to KEDO and KLOG/KUKN radio stations, especially Kirk, John and Ray who start my day with local news and sports.

I always appreciate R.A. Long, our founder, for his vision to build a beautiful and historic city. Heartfelt thanks to our environmentalists who help to preserve the world for our children. Thanks to everyone I've missed who has contributed to the quality of life here in Longview/Kelso and Southwest Washington.

In closing, please take a moment to remember the men and women and their families who have sacrificed for the freedom that we take for granted.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!


Bill Kasch,