The ‘big one’

Every TV station and newspaper is warning their residents to be prepared for the “Big One.”

We are ignoring common sense ways to prepare for an earthquake that will prevent or lower severe devastation.

Continue to oppose using hydraulic and hydrofracturing of oil, gas and geothermal wells to improve production. Fracking causes earthquakes.

Stop pumping millions of gallons of wastewater into injection wells as a means of disposal. This procedure raises the subsurface pressure, which is an even higher risk of quakes than the fracking itself.

For our Cascadia fault zone — stop approving projects located along our shorelines on liquifiable soils that will store millions of gallons of flammable, explosive, and hazardous materials in tanks that cannot be stabilized.

We shouldn’t wonder why Ridgecrest had a 7.1 quake.

In California, 71% of the state’s oil (which is 10% of the nation’s oil) comes from Kern County, which allows fracking. The geothermal plant nearby is experimenting with hydrofracturing, injection wells, and directional drilling to increase productivity.

Why are some Pacific Northwest officials not preparing for the “Big One”?

Chris Turner


Story of Us

Your “Story of Us “section was excellent. I spent 40 years in newspapering, and I know how much hard work goes in to such a presentation.

David Felthous


Fake news

Trump claims he came up with the term “fake news.” However, Nixon often shouted fake news, too, and for the same reason. Nixon and Trump both said “fake news” whenever they didn’t want the public to know the truth.

Trump only believes Fox is real news. Yet, Fox has been proven to be the largest source of fake news. In January 2019, the Associated Press reported on a study done by several universities which stated 80 percent of misinformation on Twitter is spread by a small percent of conservatives and older people.

There are many non-partisan fact-checkers which can help separate real facts from false propaganda.

When Don Trump Jr.’s emails about his Russian meeting were released to the public, Trump’s administration said they could no longer keep saying fake news because now the public knows the reports were true. Yet they continue to spread lies while shouting fake news. Trump has bragged publicly how good he is at twisting the truth, even to world leaders.

K.D. Slade


Patriotic Go 4th

We marched in the Go 4th parade for the first time this year as members of one over 90 groups that participated. We were amazed by the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of community members that watched us go by; cheering, clapping, waving flags and often wearing red, white and blue.

Later that afternoon, we struggled to walk past the food booths (they were crowded), saw lawns already festooned with blankets for the fireworks, marveled at some of the items for sale (how many people managed to hang onto that bar for 100 seconds?), picked up information from the community booths, heard kids screaming on carnival rides and watched big men swinging axes.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner were all enjoyed at parties with friends. As we finally walked back to the car, we recognized that Longview really understands Independence Day — a day when we come together to celebrate our wise founding fathers and our strong originating documents.

Thank you, Arleen Hubble, organizer extraordinaire.

Laurel Murphy

Edward Phillips


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