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Star Garcia’s inspirational work with her food/clothing bank proves she walks her talk: “If you’re able to help somebody in some way, you should just do it.” ("Kelso food, clothing bank moves into mall" by Rose Lundy, The Daily News, Oct. 8) Her example can move us all to do something positive for others. One way is to use our voices to guide those who represent us in Congress to make a difference. For example, asking our representatives to pass the Reach Every Mother and Child Act to help end the preventable deaths of millions of mothers and children in our world every year. Or asking them to choose the Senate version of the Farm Bill so the SNAP program (food stamps) will continue as a front line defense against hunger. Our calls, letters, and visits to our representatives making these requests can help millions in need. Star Garcia sets a great example, let’s join her in doing something for others.

Willie Dickerson

Snohomish, Wash.

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