In response to Catherine Rampell’s editorial (The Daily News, Sept. 27), she is right: We do need to hold our leaders accountable.

However, she still holds up the Mueller Report as a watershed moment where Rampell and similar like-minded individuals "failed to act firmly after the report." First, if I had $25 million and a team of high profile lawyers, I’m sure I could dig up dirt on anyone.

Moreover, prosecutors such as Mueller do not exonerate the accused – every American is innocent until proven guilty.

Basically, move on, Chicken Little.

Secondly, foreign leaders are allowed to converse with one another and to ask favors, which is in the Ukraine transcript. However, leaders are not allowed to strong-arm foreign countries into abandoning prosecution or have economic aid withheld, like Biden openly and humorously admitted to on video for anyone to see. Perhaps Biden believes he is above the law after inappropriate touching, racially insensitive comments and continued gaffes that would be funny if they weren’t so constant are never acted upon "firmly."

Brian Craft


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