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Letter: 'Trump lost fair and square'

Letter: 'Trump lost fair and square'


Be honest, former President Donald Trump lost fair and square. So says overwhelming evidence in numerous recounts and judgements, SCOTUS included. Making good decisions and writing legitimate legislation requires truth.

Decades of mean-spirited punditry on AM and cable, amplified by social media, have painted a twisted ideological narrative. It makes consumers eager to believe any conspiracy that hurts their perceived adversary, and redefines compromise as forfeit. Partisan discourse has become a hate-filled fan sport devoid of reality, to the detriment of us all.

Meanwhile, real enemies are gleefully encouraging us to destroy ourselves with extremism and civil war. Too-big-to-fail corporations fleece us and escape fair taxation, between bailouts. Pollution, disease and poverty are rampant in every state, as increasingly expensive natural disasters proliferate. Our shared problems far outweigh a childish culture war.

Patriotism doesn’t belong to any person or party. It’s reverence for the constitution, service, and selfless actions that benefit all Americans, without regard to the color of their state or their skin. We float or we sink, together.

Robert Ungnade

Castle Rock

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