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Letter: Doublespeak

Letter: Doublespeak


My letter to the editor is in response to Arne Mortensen’s letter about the landfill in the July 1 print edition of The Daily News.

Normally, I would not reply to his self-glorification, nor his inability to construct a complete sentence. His letter was full of doublespeak and innuendo without giving the facts.

What he failed to present is that he wanted to sell off the landfill, and privately negotiated with a big corporation to do just that. The down side of his proposal would have been hauling in solid waste from big cities, adding more trucks to our traffic corridors, all the while reducing the lifetime of our valuable resource.

The public, business and industry along with every city in the county weighed in, and the choice to maintain ownership was very clear.

Mortensen doesn’t listen, and if he doesn’t get his way, he will lash out at anyone who stands up to him.

Judy Baker


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