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Letter: Boudreau is dedicated to our community

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Boudreau is dedicated to our community

Spencer Boudreau is dedicated to our community. Seeing him grow up with his experiences and his Longview story to now want to try to fix the problems we face here is so encouraging.

Spencer should give every voter hope for the future. He was here for our struggles with the needle exchange. He was here when people illegally camped in parks, and he has heard our concerns.

Though he is young, I urge everyone to vote for Spencer Boudreau for his ideas, passion, and true commitment to Longview. In this race, age doesn’t matter when neither of the candidates are more than 30 years old.

Teresa Buerkle


Endorsements show board’s biases

In my opinion the Oct. 3 editorial endorsements for Longview City Council positions is an affront to fair balanced news reporting and an embarrassment for The Daily News Editorial Board and Longview taxpayers. It’s apparent to me that party affiliation was obviously favored over candidate qualifications.

Regarding the endorsement for Spencer Boudreau, I applaud his enthusiasm and commitment shown in Longview community activities, but I do not believe any of that qualifies him for a seat on the City Council.

Spencer wants to use the council seat as a personal learning opportunity, but will be voting on decisions involving millions of voters’ tax dollars and issues that affect the future of Longview for years.

It’s obvious to me that Spencer will be a puppet council member following the party line on all issues lacking any real-world experience to support an independent mature opinion which is what Longview taxpayers deserve.

In regard to the no endorsement regarding the candidates Chet Makinster and Angela Wean. Ignoring Wean’s overwhelming qualifications speaks volumes supporting the editorial board’s party prejudice mentioned above.

Art Birkmeyer


Karnofski is ready to guide Kelso forward

It’s not often that you have a City Council candidate as prepared for the position as Mike Karnofski. Mike has championed Kelso’s economic development efforts, and consistently brought a common sense approach to decision making when we worked together. Whether we agreed or not, I always was able to work with Mike constructively.

If you’re looking for someone to push through symbolic gestures that don’t further Kelso’s interests, keep looking. But if you want solid management experience to help guide Kelso through the inevitable challenges that arise, Mike is your guy.

David Futcher


Wean is obvious choice for Council

Your recent editorial concerning the City Council race between Angie Wean and Chet Makinster was a real head-scratcher.

Anyone who saw the recent “Local Matters” KLTV segment interviews of these two candidates might also question your ambivalence in regard to recommending one over the other, as the stark differences between the two could not have been more clearly displayed.

The sleep-walking Mr. Makinster mumbled, stumbled and bumbled through his portion of the interview and demonstrated his inability to articulate any plan for Longview moving forward. His entire message seemed to be “vote for me… I’m a Longview good ‘ol boy.”

Ms. Wean, on the other hand, came across as extremely intelligent, articulate, compassionate, resourceful, capable and ready, willing and able to put her considerable talents and experience to work for Longview immediately.

The choice could not be more obvious. Elect Angie Wean to Longview’s City Council.

Wayne Nichols



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