Cowlitz County showed its best side in honoring slain sheriff's deputy Justin DeRosier. We held vigils and memorial services. We lined the streets for his procession. We collectively raised more than $100,000 for his family.

But how quickly attention wanders. Already since DeRosier's death, there's been a fatal school shooting in North Carolina; the roof of Notre Dame burned; the Mueller report was released to the public. Those things deserve attention. There will be more tragedy, disaster, scandal and political intrigue in the months ahead.

Justin DeRosier's name deserves to be remembered long after the flags have been returned from half-staff.

Kelso is building two new schools with its recently-approved bond. One is a replacement for Wallace Elementary. The other is a 950-student elementary school in Lexington, replacing both Beacon Hill and Catlin. This new school should be named DeRosier Elementary, particularly because he attended Kelso schools.

Local residents probably hear the names "Mark Morris" and "R.A. Long" 100 times more in connection with the Longview high schools than in connection with history. Justin DeRosier deserves this kind of lasting memorial. Naming the Lexington elementary after him is an ideal way to make sure his ultimate sacrifice is not forgotten.

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