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Daily News editorial

Christmas!: It officially is the Christmas season. The Hallmark Channel started its 24/7 lineup of Christmas movies Oct. 27 and Sirius XM satellite radio started playing Christmas music Nov. 1.

We can’t wait for the first airing of “White Christmas” because it really isn’t Christmas until Bing sings.

We love that the Christmas decorations are out in October. Who doesn’t want Christmas cheer as soon as the weather turns?

You won’t hear us complain, so let us be the first to wish you Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Diwali, Happy Ramadan, Happy Kwanza and Season’s Greetings!

Holiday Bazaars: And speaking of Christmas, the Holiday Bazaar season is here.

If you haven’t done so already, check out our annual bazaar list in the Oct. 29 edition of The Daily News. The list also is online at

The first bazaars of the season started today. Many talented people have spent months creating items we just “can’t live without.” So, visit some bazaars for gifts to put under this year’s Christmas tree. And, while you’re at it, buy a few for yourself.

Goodbye, Masthead: The Masthead has been a staple in our community since 1971. Good beer, great fish and chips, and the yummy Masthead burger will be missed.

When family and friends come in from out of town, everyone meets at The Masthead. This area has seen a lot of turmoil in the 46 years the business has been open, but one thing our community could always count on was a cold pint and good food from our friends at The Masthead.

A big thank you to the Masthead team!

Made in Washington: Don’t ask us how we got on this topic, but somehow we started researching things invented in the state of Washington – some fall into the “that is so cool” category and some are no-brainers.

Tree farms fall in the no-brainer category. Long before the Department of Ecology was created, Weyerhaeuser began farming trees. In 1940, Weyerhaeuser Timber Company set aside 120,000 acres in our state to experiment with reforestation and fire control. Today, the concept is an industry standard.

The down jacket falls in the “that is so cool” category. Eddie Bauer, who sold tennis, golf and fishing equipment at his sporting goods store in downtown Seattle, developed hypothermia while on a fishing trip. After trying various versions of wool jackets to no avail, Bauer created the first down insulated jacket in 1936, and patented it in 1940. He sold the jackets to the Army Air Corps (now the Air Force) during World War II. He also sold the Army Air Corps pants and sleeping bags, all with his company logo on them. Turns out, he was the only supplier allowed to use his logo on the products.

Social media ills: As we’ve mentioned many times, you should always be wary of anything you read on social media.

This week Congress called Facebook, Twitter and Google representatives in to testify about fake ads and fake news.

Turns out the tech giants have been making millions of dollars from “bot accounts” and political ads from foreign countries. For those who don’t know, it is illegal to run political ads paid for by foreign countries.

Facebook testified that fake news posts reached an estimated 126 million users. Twitter and YouTube platforms were also misused. Twitter admitted that accounts linked to Russia put forth about 1.4 million election-related tweets during the campaign.

For those of us in “traditional media” we’ve been expecting something like this would happen to the tech giants. Facebook has said many times, “we are not journalists” and it shows. Allowing automated technology, known as algorithms, to fill users newsfeeds with little or no human oversight is a mistake.

On Wednesday of this week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made statements about how serious the company is from preventing abuse of its platform. However, Zuckerberg also warned investors this could have a significant negative impact on profitability.

Meanwhile, Facebook also reported third quarter profit increased 79 percent to $4.71 billion. It’s time for these tech companies to be responsible with the technology they’ve created. Facebook, Twitter and Google have made untold profits taking fake ads and promoting discord in society – not good.

It will be interesting to see if the tech giants actually make meaningful change. During the Senate hearings earlier this week, Senator Al Franken was reportedly very frustrated that he could not gain commitment from the tech companies to stop taking political ads paid for with North Korean currency.

More to come on this topic for sure.


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