Sept. 22 Daily News editorial

Thumbs up: Creative problem-solving

Seeking (but not finding) a parking place is never fun, especially for college students in a hurry or late for class. We sympathize with the students at Lower Columbia College, who've been making do with less available parking while the school constructs a new science center on what was formerly a prime student parking lot.

We'll also note that parking at LCC, as it does at most colleges, has a history of being a bit on the skimpy side. The science building, however, has been on the school's wish list for years and will be an unquestioned campus enhancement once it's opened. Another parking lot is also included in the site plan, making the "space race" a long-term but temporary inconveniece.

We agree with student Amanda Correia, 23, a criminal justice major who told TDN reporter Leslie Slape she takes the bus to avoid parking issues. While everyone always wants that perfect two-minute walk to class, it's our experience that a college education often inspires creative approaches to problem-solving.

Take a bus, share a ride, park a little farther away, watch the new building rise. It's an exciting time to be an LCC student, even if your favorite "secret" parking spot exists only in memory.

(thumbs down)

Thumbs down: Overexposed

Despite all the Internet buzz, you won't be seeing those "topless" photos of Great Britain's Princess Katherine in The Daily News or most American news publications. In Europe, of course, the journalistic ground rules have always been more inclusive and some of the photos have found their way into print in the usual "scandal sheets."

Our advice to the former Kate Middleton: the royal family's budget ought to have room for a private tanning bed, if not a private island. If you're that worried about swimsuit tan lines, talk to Queen Elizabeth about a purchase order.

Our lament: Celebrities, including members of the world's various royal families, must be at the point where they never feel they're out of range of stalking photographers in an era where everyone has a cell phone and every cell phone has a camera. That's a high price for fame.

Not that all of them object to being stalked. It reminds us of a telephone getaway line that's been credited to paparazzi targets from Marilyn Monroe to Kim Kardashian: "Sorry, but there's a stranger with a camera outside ... and I'm too far away!"

Thumbs up: Extra care

A Kelso elementary school went into a short "modified lockdown" period Tuesday when a 23-year-old man, believed to be mentally impaired, was discovered walking near the school building and behaving in an unusual and unpredictable manner. He was ultimately taken to a hospital by Kelso Police, who took custody of him after subduing him (off school property) with a stun gun.

The modified lockdown involves the building's exterior doors being sealed while students and teachers remain free to conduct and attend classes while they move about the building.

It seems, to us, an appropriate option for authorities to have at their disposal. Even though the "visitor" was known to many students and teachers and generally regarded as not posing an immediate threat, we're glad officials had an option between invoking a full lockdown and simply hoping he'd go away.

Good call by all involved.

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