Letters to the Editor

Pensions prized

Receiving information that the Koch Brothers, multimillion dollar corporations, and other wealthy individuals are planning an attack on pensions, this letter is to initiate a rebuttal of the fake news intended to attack pension systems. As of March 17, 2017, there were 2,598 public retirees living in Cowlitz County. On a monthly basis they receive and contribute $4,806,337 to the economy of our county; an average of $1,850 per retiree, the majority of this income is spent in Cowlitz County. In 2014, state and local pensions supported 33,385 private jobs that paid $1.7 billion in wages and salaries, and $5.4 billion in total economic output, and paid out $936.1 million dollars in federal, state and local taxes. Public pensions are funded by employees, employers and income from the Washington State Investment Board. This income funds 84% of public pensions. WSIB expenses are paid from income; no expenses are paid by taxpayer funds. The Washington State Pension System is one of the top 10 in the nation.

Duane Thompson



Wow, in Vancouver you can spark up a doobie but you can’t spark up a sparkler on the Fourth of July. Somebody sparked up too many doobies to pass that law.

Jeff Mitchell


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Senior sounds off

I, too, want to know what happened to the $35,000 the “volunteer”’ got for himself (The Daily News, Apr. 2, 2017). I went to the next general meeting after your exposé was printed in the paper. I asked to speak ... wondered why the woman in charge was smiling in the article? Why were they not insisting on pursuing the guy who helped himself to it? He “volunteered” his own salary/payment, so to speak. They told me he “loved us.” I said, “He loved you so much he robbed us.” “He was a good guy and just didn’t keep good records.” I said this is elder abuse and against the law. They said, he didn’t have anything anyway, and besides, the DA refused to press charges. They said it has taken them a long time to pay back the money. What about the state of Oregon ombudsman? This is grand larceny! They were actually annoyed with me, so I flopped my membership card onto the table, said I was not paying my measly $10 for bad stewardship and left.

Doris Hale


Wallis is a win

Friends, the Longview City Council elections this year are crucial to the city’s future. We should elect candidates that aren’t pushed by party, that aren’t pushed by radical outside ideas. We should elect hard working people who have our interests in mind, not the interests of Seattle. That’s why I am endorsing MaryAlice Wallis for City Council Position 5. When I think of great leadership and community involvement, a person such as herself comes to mind. She is also dedicated to this community. MaryAlice is open and enjoys listening to both sides of the story. She is very good at problem solving. She is most of all committed to improving our “Quality of Place”! Anyone having questions can visit her Facebook page. Have an amazing week!

Spencer Boudreau


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