Letters to the Editor

Smooth ride

Before buying into a false need for bike lanes, roundabouts, and bump-outs, spend the money on filling all pot holes and then paving over the worst areas of our substandard streets. Consider all the spoke streets emanating from the center park. Then pave over intersections currently looking like blacktop scabs such as 15th and Hudson. Hudson from 15th to Third is one example of what needs to be smoother.

Burt Harwood


Bravo for Blake

It is that time of year again when our communities become ground zero because Olympia can’t pass a budget. I recently heard a radio ad attacking Rep. Brian Blake for not standing with families in our communities. This is garbage and the corporations funding it know it. It sounds like the wealthy real estate agents and big businesses who paid for the ad have something to fear because they know, like we do, that Brian does what’s right for our towns. They attack a tax reform that will have wealthy businesses pay a little more, while cutting taxes for small businesses and lowering the cost of buying a home. Brian Blake wants to use that money to fund schools – not protect special tax breaks for big businesses that ship our jobs out of state. Join me in letting Rep. Blake know that we have his back, and that we won’t let the corporate special interests get away with misinforming the hard-working people of Cowlitz County.

Shawn Nyman

President, Cowlitz-Wahkiakum

Central Labor Council

Kind regards

A few days ago I watched a lady who was sitting on the ground with her dog just rubbing and patting it before she had the vet put her dog to sleep. It was so sad. It is too bad that we, as humans, don't care about people the same way. Instead of trying to hurt others why don't we all treat each other like we would do our pets, with love and feeling, not hate. Wouldn't it be great if everyone would take just one day out of a year and be kind to a stranger? We could make it national be kind to others day. Let's face it, life is too short to be mad.

Dan Moorehead


Good Samaritans

Thank you so much to the two men who stopped to help after you saw me fall walking on Pacific Way and 42nd, on Thursday, May 25. By the time you got me back home, my ankle was already swelling so I really appreciated the ride. I'm sorry I didn't even ask your names. Thanks to the PUD guys who stopped also. I'm glad there you were both there. I doubt I could have walked back home. Thanks again, and next time I'll be aware of that uneven pavement edge.

Cheryl Karr


Rail and reason

By focusing on the emissions profile of the locomotives, John Stulhmiller's Saturday guest editorial, "Washington's double standard on rail," appears to make a convincing argument that the state is "vilifying rail because of the cargo it carries." But it's not the cargo, it's the magnitude.

Consider instead the emissions profile of the entire Millenium proposal. Suppose Montana wanted to send forty or more trains through Longview each day, each up to one hundred cars long and pulled by two, three or more locomotives — all full of Montanan tourists bound for China. Does this then sound reasonable? Of course not.

Lawrence Studebaker

Castle Rock

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