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Letters to the Editor

Sister city success

This past week, a 25-member delegation from Longview’s sister city in Wako, Japan, visited our community for two days and three nights. This group included 10 students who attend our local high schools, two city employees, 13 adults, and two children. Some of the Wako citizens had visited Longview more than five times, and they reported that the “hospitality of Longview is getting better and better.” Longview truly impressed our visitors because of the many individuals, businesses, and agencies who generously contributed to the success of this event

The Longview Sister City Commission is very appreciative of the assistance we received in hosting our sister city guests. These include:

The Port of Longview reception and tour; Nippon Dynawave special tour; Lower Columbia College hospitality, tour,and meeting space; Longview School District hosting of students in R.A. Long and Mark Morris High Schools and a meeting to discuss student exchanges; River City Transit; Jon and Christine Randall and their trolley; Patti Worel from Parks and Recreation Japanese Garden curator; Longview City Library display of books donated from Wako; Jeff Wilson, who opened up the Shay Locomotive; Gian Morelli with a tour of the Columbia Theater for the Performing Arts; Tapestry Northwest with a special performance; and – most importantly – 18 host families who were willing to share their homes and make the student exchange possible.

Many others in the community contributed in various ways to the visit, including The Soap Factory, Candy Bouquet, Scoops, St. Rose Monster Mash Halloween Party, and the Golden Palace, not to mention numerous soccer games and the homecoming football game at RA. Long and others related to family activities.

Thank you, Longview! You did us proud!

Eileen Bergeson

Longview Sister City Commission

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Total support

I am a chemical engineer with over four decades of experience. I worked on the design, engineering, construction, startup and operation of chemical plants. I started with the slide rule, changed to the calculator, and ended with a computer. I have a lifetime of experience in chemical plants. When one works as long as I have in the chemical industry, you have done everything. The first point I want to make is that the $2 billion methanol plant proposed for Kalama is high tech, period! I was one of a team of engineers that did calculations on fire and explosion index and environmental impact statements. These reports were checked and rechecked. Then the reports were passed on to the department of environmental quality, who also reviewed them. The plants I worked on were compared with similar plants around the world. We called this bench marking. Everyone involved tried their best to make these plants safe and environmentally sound. This was the best science and engineering available. Today, with more experience it is even better. I am sure the engineers that work for Kalama’s methanol went through the same steps as I mentioned above. I have read everything I can find about Kalama’s methanol plant. I have read nothing that concerns me. Kalama’s methanol plant has my total support.

Chuck Klawitter