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Letters to the Editor

Root of the problem

Nancy Zahn’s idea to build bridges, not walls and “work to solve the underlying causes of illegal immigration” gets at the root of the problem. (“Build bridges” by Nancy Zahn, The Daily News, Feb. 1.)

Families who have enough to eat, shelter, work and education for their children are content and don’t need to move.

One immediate way to work on this is to support the READ Act (H.R. 601) to make sure America works with other countries most efficiently to help all children get an education. This bill passed the House last week (thanks Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler) and was passed last year (called the Education for All Act) also on a voice vote, but didn’t pass the Senate. We can change that this year by thanking Sens. Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell for working on passing it last year and to support this bill again this year.

Congresswoman Herrera Beutler could also encourage senators on her side of the aisle to support it as well.

Calls or letters to these elected officials can turn the tide for this bill and help get at the underlying problems in our world that keep millions of people in poverty and looking for a better home.

Willie Dickerson

Snohomish, Wash.

Government robbery

In the paper, today (Feb. 2) is a story that says eight Democrats and three Republicans are sponsoring a bill to override the Tim Eyman initiative limiting property tax increases to 1 percent per year.

They want to kill the initiative passed by the people and jack our taxes up for any amount they want. They did the same thing with the car license initiative passed to set the fee at a fixed $20 per year. They bypassed the initiative voted on by the people and now the car license fee is up to $61 per year and it is still climbing.

We the people are being robbed by the city, county, state and federal governments.

The interest on my savings account at my bank was a little more than $39 for the last year. As a senior citizen I’m told it reflects the inflation of the country.

Does anyone believe .05 of 1 percent interest on savings is keeping up with inflation?

They are robbing us and jacking taxes at every stage.

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I have gave my grandchildren most of my life savings to keep from losing 8 percent to 10 percent on purchasing power a year. They best spend it now.

We senior citizens have not gotten any fair increase in pensions for 20 years. I don’t anticipate any change.

M.L. Colburn Sr.


Three things

Our new national administration has made me glad I live in the real Washington, in the district of the real Columbia. However, there are three things I like about the Trump administration. There is no more status quo, there is nothing that is politically correct, and there is bushy, bushy blonde surfer hair.

Steve Anglin

Castle Rock