Letters to the Editor

Park proud

I am proud and delighted with our parks, and want to do my part to keep them attractive.

When we play in our parks, we don’t want to find dog poop, trash or discarded needles. When I exercise my Labrador, I appreciate the easy access to free dog poop bags and a nearby garbage can to dispose of them.

Surely, we can afford similar conveniences for our homeless population, some of whom suffer from diabetes or addictions. A sharps container in which to dispose of syringes could be installed next to the containers of doggie bags, reducing the number of dirty needles on the ground that could infect any of us.

I’m not expected to exchange my bag of dog excrement for a fresh bag. It’s a bit unreasonable to expect homeless people to turn in their used needles in a one-for-one exchange when the location to do so is only open Friday afternoons.

Let’s also have plastic bottles available for folks to safely dispose of needles in other locations, as the local foot patrol group suggests. This would better protect our park maintenance folks (who empty the trash bags) — from getting stuck.

As reported by the health department and local doctors, the entire needle exchange program costs less than the treatment of one HIV or AIDS case.

We have anti-litter campaigns and Smoky the Bear tips on avoiding fires. We could use a public campaign on how to dispose of dirty needles properly — and make it far easier to do so.

Donna McLain


American made?

On Trump’s “Made in America” week, Trump showed planes and trucks which have many parts made in other countries.

One hundred percent of Trump’s and his daughter’s products are made in foreign countries.

Trump said, “Hire Americans.”

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Trump’s Mar-a-lago has 70 percent foreign workers and Trump just applied for many more foreign workers for two more of his businesses.

Trump pays his employees $10 an hour, which is below poverty level.

Trump bragged that thousands of coal jobs were created this year, but the Department of Labor said there were only 800, less than the first six months of last year.

Boeing, Ford, Microsoft and many other companies are laying off thousands.

Trump promised a group of steel workers months ago they wouldn’t lose their jobs, but now they have been laid off.

The February job rate was good, but not as good as the last three. February, March and May job rates were low and April and June job rates were average.

Call the Republican senators and keep calling.

K.D. Slade Longview

Go local

I have found for the past many years that when I have an issue with plumbing, electrical or even hardware needs that the staff at Searing’s is always able to provide knowledgeable, patient and friendly help.

Sometimes they even have to go in the back room to find a part for an older piece of equipment.

I very much appreciate the presence of this locally-owned business.

Greg Lapic


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