Letters: Overkill

Letters: Overkill



I’ve driven over Stella Road from Coal Creek Road to Fall Creek Road a couple of time this week and noticed the addition of multiple new road signs — mostly indicating a turn ahead.

It seems like overkill to me. I don’t imagine the signs, plus the posts to hold them, came cheap. The signs may be needed, but it will be interesting to see how well we will be able to see them when nothing has been done to mow the grasses or weeds on the side of the road.

The grass and weeds growing over the road might be more of a hazard than the fact that a turn is ahead.

Delores Snider


All aboard

Donald Trump was onto something when he suggested we kick some of the less desirables out of this country. That is why I suggest that all Americans unite in a massive effort to deport Trump. It would be understandable if the Republicans delay until Trump has repealed all taxes on the rich, junked all regulations on business and stacked all the courts. As the Democrats want everyone running in the 2018 Congressional election to take every vote cast, they may not jump aboard the train until the week before the election.

With Congress under overwhelming Democratic control, Trump could be marched off to exile in Antarctica. There, he could fire all the penguins he wanted, but he couldn’t wreck things here in the United States.

L.S. Wagle


Troubled times

After watching the Comey hearings and testimony, I am more convinced and strengthened in my belief that we desperately need term limits for all elected senators and representatives in this country. I couldn’t help but think that all of the people in their 20s, 30s and some 40s watching these hearings are stunned that those they are watching on TV are running this country. They are out of touch and do not represent our views. The old fogies in charge have been there so long they no longer hear us but believe they know all, know better than we do, don’t listen and are not accountable to anyone. They just line their pockets and do as they please. I think we are in trouble from the top down.

Bill White


Still in

Regardless of the decision by the president to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, those of us who believe that a clean energy economy is the way to go “are still in.” The NY Times June 7 editorial stated that “more than 1,200 governors, mayors and businesses promised to do whatever they could to help the United States meet the climate goals President Barack Obama had committed in the agreement.”

I, for one, will do my part as well toward clean energy and to the health of our community by opposing the export of fossil fuel to Asia. It is time to deny the permits for Millennium to protect our quality of life here in the State of Washington and to stem worldwide carbon emissions. “Still in.”

Gary Lindstrom


Debt crisis

The editorial in the June 6 Daily News will help raise public awareness of the national debt crisis. It stated, “... just the interest on the debt cost the government — meaning all of us — $30 billion in March alone.

National legislators are wary of voting on anything that costs the taxpayer more money; it hurts their chances of re-election. So they raise the debt limit, and the problem gets worse.

What do we need to do? For starters, continue to raise public awareness, sound the alarm!

The problem won’t just go away. As Elvis said, “Truth is like the sun; you can obscure it for a while, but it won’t go away!”

Jim Likowski



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