Letters to the Editor

Keep calling

While everyone is watching Trump’s Russiagate, male Republican senators secretly met behind closed doors, where they tweaked Trumpcare. No women senators or Democratic senators were invited. Those Republican senators said they will keep the loss of coverage for millions in order to save money in 25 years. That way, the Democrats can’t use the filibuster, and Democrat votes won’t count. They also said they must keep deep cuts to Medicaid, the loss of coverage for pre-existing conditions and caps on cancer treatment so they won’t lose the votes of the “Freedom Caucus” (which was the tea party) in the House. They aren’t using standard procedure, such as hearings, discussions or amendments. Nobody gets to see this Trumpcare until after the vote. The House chose not to read their Trumpcare but the Senate isn’t given that choice. Herrera-Beutler bragged she voted against Trumpcare but now she’s pushing for it again. Call Senate majority leader Republican Mitch McConnell and all Republican senators daily, keep calling or emailing until they kill Trumpcare, before it kills all of us.

K.D. Slade


Trickle up

Republicans continue to believe that God-fearing money must trickle down from the rich to the poor. That is why they believe that tax cuts for billionaires and millionaires are more important than health insurance for the poor and working classes.

During World War II, Roosevelt taxed all incomes beyond $100,000 at 91 percent! The result was one of the greatest economies of world history. Excepting those switching from one job to another, practically everybody had a job. Candy bars were a nickel. As they are now about 25 nickels, this suggests that $100,000 1945 dollars equal about $2.5 million 2017 dollars. Very well, tax all incomes beyond $2.5 million at 91 percent.

The essence of government economic policy should be to place good health and money at the bottom of the economic heap; the energy and spending at the bottom will bring prosperity to all of us. Contrary to Republican orthodoxy, money does not trickle down; it oozes up.

L.S. Wagle


Left behind

With every passing day since Jan. 20, I see just how ineffective Obama had been in running this country. It seemed he had a mission to bring our country down, economically, breaking down the morale, divisive, and our foreign policy went down the tubes. Since Trump has been inaugurated, the stock market has been breaking records, businesses now have a future they can invest in, they can start hiring. Things are lookin’ up. Our allies respect the man and most actually like him.

Now on the opposition side, I refer to them as such, because there’s nothing but negativity and end of days type hysteria coming from them. The Democrats are so out of place now. Their game plan of resistance is nothing more than a destruction of their existence if it keeps going as it is. They have no policy, no nothing coming from the left when it comes to improving the lives of Americans. The DNC chair, Tom Perez, is a screaming maniac that makes no reference to improving the lives of us, the American people. All I see and hear from Trump is America first and let’s make her great again. I totally agree. Need to come to terms, Democrats or you may be “left” behind.

Steve Moline

Castle Rock

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