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On May 14, The Daily News published a guest editorial from BNSF, defending itself and its operations. If approved, BNSF would be the major hauler for Millennium Bulk Terminal. In the op-ed BNSF tries to greenwash their operation. Let’s look closer.

An Amtrak passenger train generally has one diesel engine, typically 10-15 cars long. They haul people and luggage from point to point. With short stops and minimum idle time, this is a fairly equal swap in terms of CO2 emissions.

However, coal trains are very long. One loaded train averages 100 cars at 115 tons each. To pull this weight requires at least five locomotives. These trains can be up to 1.4 miles long, frequently stopping car traffic and creating additional track stress. Consequently, idle time for trains and cars is increased.

Clearly, one coal train is not equal to one passenger train. Importantly — beyond the extra weight and idle time, they carry a commodity that will exponentially impact CO2 emissions and global warming.

All Millennium Bulk Terminal permits should be denied.

Therese Livella

La Center, Wash.

What’s in a name?

One would think that nearly 30 years after Josh Sugarmann of the National Coalition to Ban Handguns invented the term “assault weapon” in order to demonize military machine gun lookalikes, reporters would be familiar with the actual nuances of same. However, that seems not to be the case. The recent article by the Associated Press on a Seattle area shooting, claims the firearm in question was a “newly purchased AK-47.” It’s almost guaranteed that’s not true. An “AK-47” is an “Avtomat Kalashnikova—47” or “Kalashnikova’s Automatic Model 47.” An automatic firearm is a “machine gun,” which is illegal to possess in Washington except by federally licensed firearms manufacturers and police. Sugarmann’s assertion that the public’s confusion over the differences between machine guns and his newly defined “assault weapons” would help restrict such firearms certainly turned out to be prophetic, thanks in no small part to (deliberate?) help from “news” organizations.

Doug Spittler


Stronger together

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Strong public schools equals strong communities. This is not”fake news.” A community that invests in its children today will see them transformed into the leaders of tomorrow. It’s that simple. That is why it is imperative that we as a community support the up-coming $121 million school bond levy.

It’s also one reason why I am running for the Longview school board.

Complaining isn’t enough. You have to ask yourself, “what am I going to do about it?”

I hope that students who graduate from Longview schools will have more choices for their future than either college or minimum wage jobs. As a 40-year building trades union member, I have experienced what a “living wage” job is really all about.

We need to prioritize teaching our children that they too can become empowered by learning marketable skills that will last a lifetime.

Will you join me in voting “yes” to Longview’s future? I hope so. Together we can help to make the Longview community stronger.

Joseph Hobson


Fish tales

In draining the swamp it appears bottom fish measure as large as 6’ 8”.

Burt Harwood


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