Letters to the Editor

Good work

Last week I was headed home from a business trip that had taken me to Vancouver. Just outside of Woodland I ran into some mechanical problems. Fortunately for me I pulled into Stefan Drummen’s Foreign Auto Repair. Stefan and his crew dropped their other projects and worked to diagnose my truck’s problem, staying late to try and get me back on the road.

The repairs required more time than was reasonable that night but they jumped back on it the first thing the next day. By midday I was back on the road and having paid a bill that was more than reasonable. I’m grateful for their willingness to help and humbled by their efforts to get me home for the long weekend. If you live in the greater Woodland-Kalama area and you aren’t taking your vehicles to Drummen’s, you really have been missing out. It is an hour and half ferry ride and at least three hour commute for me, but I’d consider returning for their excellent work and honest, caring approach.

Doug McCutchen

Friday Harbor, Wash.

Right reasons

Maryalice Wallis is running for the Longview City Council Position No. 5. In her own words “she is in it to win it” and is running for all the right reasons. She has already visited with the Millennium Bulk leaders, researched the issues involving the homeless, and how we can grow jobs for citizens of Cowlitz County. She wants to create a safe Longview for our children, better educational opportunities and develop economic growth.

I have known Maryalice for a few years and she has gained my respect and trust. She and her husband Dave share the same family values and Christian principles which most of us believe in. Anyone who has run for public office knows it takes real sacrifice, time, energy and money. You put yourself out there knowing the road will be tough. Maryalice is willing to make that sacrifice and will work hard for you to make Longview a better place.

I am endorsing Maryalice Wallis for Longview City Council Position No. 5 and ask you to give her your vote. Although I live in Kelso and can’t personally vote for her, decisions made in Longview affect all of us in Cowlitz County.

Beverly Little


Many lessons

Many Christians have done a disservice to people who have heard Christ’s message of hope and find the simplicity of his message gets caught up in a variety of rules and interpretations. Religion can take many forms.

It is amazing that Jesus pressed on, never wavering in his message of God’s love for us, the importance of respecting each other, keeping our word, helping the needy, the importance of humility and temperance in all things. Being thankful for our blessings and taking time daily to thank God for the simplest comforts in our lives is a privilege.

Love of Christ’s dedication and self-sacrifice affects a person’s inner soul. To think he loved us so much is awe inspiring. The trials of life on earth were and are many. We learn many lessons by them, pray for God’s help to see us through and often become stronger. It may offer an opportunity to make someone else’s situation a little pleasanter or strengthen them.

As for the treatment of women — in Eph:5 there is a verse, “Husbands ought also to love their own wives as their own bodies. He who loves his own wife loves himself for no one ever hated their own flesh but nourishes and cherishes it just as Christ does the Church.” Also, the Virgin Mary is not the only woman in Biblical history, although she certainly was very special.

Gwen Boss

Castle Rock

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