Going up

Economists say Trump’s tax “reform” is really a tax cut for wealthy and large corporations. There’s nothing for the middle class. And Trump’s tax cuts won’t create jobs because America’s an older economy, and population growth has slowed. Trump’s tax cuts will add trillions to the debt and blow up the deficit. Trump’s budget tried to cut 22,000 retired coal miners’ health benefits, but Democrats saved them. The L.A. Times reported that America’s economic growth has stumbled the last three months. But even in 2014, the GDP was 1.2 percent, while today’s is 0.7 percent. Although February’s job rate was good, it wasn’t as good as the last three Februarys. An economist said our economy hasn’t been this bad since the end of the recession seven years ago. And now Trump wants to add a gas tax as gas prices are going up.

K.D. Slade


Life or death

Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler: In a letter written to a colleague of mine you recently said that you could not let kids fall through the cracks in regards to the American Health Care Act (i.e. TrumpCare). In response, I say that as a poor, 21-year-old woman whom the Affordable Care Act (i.e. Obamacare) has helped tremendously in me getting and keeping healthcare, you need to support things that actually help children and women. Under the AHCA, my life is a pre-existing, and I would not be able to get health insurance due to a number of conditions that plague my life.

Without the ACA, I would be dead. With the AHCA, I will die.

Lara Armstrong


Caring hands

Recently, I have been a guest of St. John Hospital in Longview. I want to say that this area is very fortunate to have such a place when the need arrives.

My every need was taken care of. I found out that the young man that pounded on my heart to start it up again was someone I knew when he was in school at the same time as my two boys.

I want to thank everyone for my excellent care.

Marion Newman


Paris pull out

It is so sad that the Associated Press uses scare tactics that good old earth has been showing to be wrong over the last 20 years. Climate models have been unable to predict the past years, so why should we commit billions on their guesses 80 years in the future. Contrary to claims, seas have been rising at a near constant rate over the last 200 years and total ice at the poles is stable.

The AP neglected to quote an MIT study in the National Review stating the accord’s drastic efforts might reduce warming as little as 0.0 Celsius or as much as 0.2 Celsius at a real cost of some hundreds of billions to the U.S. economy.

A voided Paris accord could give lower fuel and food prices and might be the President’s greatest contribution.

Larry Wilhelmsen


What’s Next

Like the headline says, “What’s next?” What will our county commissioner’s try to sell to the highest bidder next? Frankly as a taxpayer I’m tired of a certain few people trying to sell off our tax paid assets! You commissioners don’t own these assets personally! We taxpayers bought the landfill as a taxed group, then we need to decide and vote on it as a group! There is something fishy going on by you commissioners not wiling to say who made the offer; there should be no secrets. This is an asset we need to keep, and reasonably cheap!

Leonce LaRouche Longview

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